Ann Kris
April 11, 2009

Life is full of surprises and disappointments, we all go through ups and downs, whatever it is we cannot avoid the fact that it is really happening-it is a reality i should say. We go through stages in life and along the way we encounter obstacles that sometimes refrain us from doing the usual things that we used to do. Discouragement comes in the way...and we deal with it differently.

Sometimes we feel insecure about so many things. My friend shared to me about her insecurity in speaking English-because she is judge by what she say and how she say it. Language barrier is a reality.

Recently we are in a critical time in thinking about how we handle and how we go through with the crisis that is happening globally, the consequences are truly felt by many nations. I guess this is one of the most serious challenges that we are facing nowadays that brought serious implications in us. Undeniably, many are jobless, some companies closed their establishments.

Times like this we should do our own share of finding solutions. We have to do something to address whatever situations we are into-because at the end of the day we are still the one who will be affected or benefit from it.
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