Ann Kris
May 31, 2009

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Ann Kris
May 22, 2009

Way back then news about Katrina Halili's involvement with Dr. Hayden Kho erupted and accordingly one of the reasons for Dr. Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicky Belo's break-up. Ms. Halili admitted that indeed she had an affair with Dr. Kho which lasted for months. Recently Ms. Halili is again in the limelight appealing for justice. She wanted Dr Kho's licence revoke for allegedly exposing their private videos. The said video scattered in the internet and Dvd stores. She went to the senate lately and to the NBI asking for help. Katrina's effort gained support from public officials. Dr. Kho was issued a hold departure order from the NBI. Investigation on her case is now in the process. As of this afternoon Dr. Kho face the media after a few days of silence and announced he is suspending his profession, and eventually asked forgiveness for the people he have hurt, the people involved in the scandal, his family and loved ones. It was supposed to be a private video according to him but was stolen from him by a former friend.

This scandal draws different opinions and became the talked of the town. Well, moral issues is hard to deal but I salute ms. Halili's courage to come out and air her sentiments. She even confirmed she is the girl in the video. I hope this case will end soon and everybody involved will move on. Allegedly Dr. Kho and Dr. Vicky Belo are back in each others arms again.
Ann Kris
May 13, 2009

Respect...what's the big deal about it? Respect is very important in everyday life. A lot of people now seem to take the value of respect for granted. Respect must begin in oneself-it must also be freely given to the things around us and to rules and laws that governs us. Hence, we must start to review our ways, let us practice self-respect and consequently respect for others.

Further, if people have instilled in them the deeper and genuine meaning of respect perhaps conflict and problems could be minimized. Punishment and disciplinary consequences especially in school campuses i think would no longer be needed, respect would be more effective.

Let us begin now and hopefully expect a more peaceful, orderly and safer community.
Ann Kris
May 4, 2009

My family and I watched the Pacquiao-Hatton fight yesterday on television. I think it was the shortest fight of Manny Pacquiao so far in his boxing career. His coach earlier predicted for a three round win for Manny Pacquiao but many were surprised when Hatton knocked down on the second round. His victory again is the fruit of his hard training,practice and self discipline. Every time Manny Pacquiao has a fight the streets are not busy, almost zero crime rate, people are concentrating on their television. Some flocked to the theaters offering live coverage even if the rate is
quite high, they don't mind-just to watch Manny.

Yesterday's fight added another title for manny, It was also the first time his mother set foot to the US. When her wife was interviewed before she left for the US, she mentioned they have eight houses so far-whew! anyway with Manny's status and wealth it's not impossible for him to acquire such assets. After his yesterdays winning what else to expect. Well, let us wait and see. Though there were talks that he will be retiring after this fight, I congratulate Manny and wishing him peace,happiness and meaningful life as he continue his journey towards success.