Ann Kris
May 22, 2009

Way back then news about Katrina Halili's involvement with Dr. Hayden Kho erupted and accordingly one of the reasons for Dr. Hayden Kho and Dr. Vicky Belo's break-up. Ms. Halili admitted that indeed she had an affair with Dr. Kho which lasted for months. Recently Ms. Halili is again in the limelight appealing for justice. She wanted Dr Kho's licence revoke for allegedly exposing their private videos. The said video scattered in the internet and Dvd stores. She went to the senate lately and to the NBI asking for help. Katrina's effort gained support from public officials. Dr. Kho was issued a hold departure order from the NBI. Investigation on her case is now in the process. As of this afternoon Dr. Kho face the media after a few days of silence and announced he is suspending his profession, and eventually asked forgiveness for the people he have hurt, the people involved in the scandal, his family and loved ones. It was supposed to be a private video according to him but was stolen from him by a former friend.

This scandal draws different opinions and became the talked of the town. Well, moral issues is hard to deal but I salute ms. Halili's courage to come out and air her sentiments. She even confirmed she is the girl in the video. I hope this case will end soon and everybody involved will move on. Allegedly Dr. Kho and Dr. Vicky Belo are back in each others arms again.
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