Ann Kris
May 4, 2009

My family and I watched the Pacquiao-Hatton fight yesterday on television. I think it was the shortest fight of Manny Pacquiao so far in his boxing career. His coach earlier predicted for a three round win for Manny Pacquiao but many were surprised when Hatton knocked down on the second round. His victory again is the fruit of his hard training,practice and self discipline. Every time Manny Pacquiao has a fight the streets are not busy, almost zero crime rate, people are concentrating on their television. Some flocked to the theaters offering live coverage even if the rate is
quite high, they don't mind-just to watch Manny.

Yesterday's fight added another title for manny, It was also the first time his mother set foot to the US. When her wife was interviewed before she left for the US, she mentioned they have eight houses so far-whew! anyway with Manny's status and wealth it's not impossible for him to acquire such assets. After his yesterdays winning what else to expect. Well, let us wait and see. Though there were talks that he will be retiring after this fight, I congratulate Manny and wishing him peace,happiness and meaningful life as he continue his journey towards success.
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