Ann Kris
August 26, 2009

One day i received a text message from my cousin informing me to pray for their daddy because he was diagnosed with a colon cancer. Days after i again got a message coming from her that their dad is admitted in the hospital and bade goodbye to them, telling them he is ready to meet GOD! While reading the message i feel sad and guilty what if uncle will die on that very moment...without seeing him while he was alive. It was late midnight so i decided to visit him the following day. I am lucky because i saw him alive on the day i visited him in the hospital, though he did not really recognized me at first. While seeing him lying in his hospital bed i can feel the pain because it manifest in his expressions every time he fart and urinate. He was due for operation ASAP, but he refused, he offered his fate and everything to GOD. We stayed their for more than two hours and in between during his naps my cousin told me that when uncle opened his eyes one morning he told them he saw heaven and it is a very nice place, very radiant and wonderful, he really likes it there. Btw, my uncle is a pastor and according to my mother he deserves to be in heaven for he is a good man. Uncle is the husband of my mother's only sister. At 5:45 one early morning uncle passed away, and i believed he is in heaven now! I know he is very happy resting in heaven now with all the angels. He must be so fortunate for seeing a bit of heaven before he died and i am so lucky and very thankful for sharing it with us.