Ann Kris
April 16, 2009

I married at the age of twenty two and bore a child at twenty three. I knew that I was too young then to get married at such age. The adjustment period of being husband and wife is quite difficult for me, I quit my job, stayed home waiting for my husband to come home everyday-I mean it was boring. Time passed and I delivered my first child through caesarean operation. That was one of the sweetest things happened to me giving birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy. At last after 9 months of being pregnant, which was not easy for me that time-with all the backpains that I've gone through, the sleepless nights because I feel too hot...Here I am now relieved from all those mess.

After giving birth I went through another stage which was the healing process of my operation it was difficult also but I've gone through it. my husband was always there ready to assist me. We raised our son and showered him all the love and care that every parents should do, the happiness that we felt during the time that our child uttered his first word and witnessed how he learns his first step was undescribable. We dont have problems raising him, he was a very friendly child.

Years passed and our son graduated from elementary grade and high school recently. He will be in college this coming June and I wish and pray that he will be successful in his choosen fields and endeavors-so with my two other sons who brought also joy to us. We are blessed with three sons and as parents we want the best for them. I believed a good marriage blessed with respectful and successful children is a parents crowning glory. Goodluck to all my sons!!!
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  1. Count Sneaky Says:

    Your sons are indeed blessed to have two such caring parents. My wife and I have one son. He is a doctor and has given us two grandchildren. One of our grandchildren is in college, the other in high school. My wife and I have been married 53 years. As you say they are a crowning glory. I go to one of your two blogs as often as I can for a good feeling. My best. Count Sneaky

  2. Count Sneaky Says:

    Allow the Count one more comment,please...Your sons won't need luck. They have you both. My best Count Sneaky

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I also was married at 22 and gave birth by c-section at 23 to a boy. 9 months later pregnant again,but miscarried a boy, then had another son a year later by c-section, and a daughter 6 years later. Survived cancer at 36. Now my children are all raised and I am cancer free, plus a grandmother. Where did all these years go? This blog did bring back sweet and sour memmories!

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