Ann Kris
April 26, 2009

Despite the crisis Filipinos don't forget to celebrate fiesta, this usually happened on the feast of its patron saints. It is also the ties that binds Filipinos from any area together, a time to reunite old friends and acquaintances. The sad thing about fiesta for me is that some people spend all they have just to be happy and feed others, they don't worry about the expenses they incurred this is part of Filipino hospitality which is very common and is quite annoying to me. Though Fiesta is a part of Filipino tradition I think it is not practical to spend that much. Anyway, Filipinos are hardworking individuals they always find ways and means to meet their daily needs. Time passed, and people now are more vigilant and aware about the crisis-that they spend their income wisely in order to cope with the increasing prices of commodities-when fiesta comes people now are spending money moderately for the celebration unlike in the past.

In our place we celebrate fiesta with colorful bantings hanged around the place. Different sports activities are being organized. Beauty pageant is usually held a day before the celebration itself. A parade is part of the celebration which showcase the image of the patron saint.

Celebrating fiesta for me is a journey towards unity.

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