Ann Kris
April 24, 2009

Boxing is one sport that is very popular worldwide. People from all walks of life find time to watch boxing events. Well known personalities like Manny Pacquiao also known as "Pacman" and "peoples champ" rose from the ranks. Looking back in his younger years, Manny belongs to a poor family in their hometown-his parents separated and he grew up with his mother. Because his mother could not support his education financially, he focused himself training to become a boxer. Pacquiao left his hometown for Manila...according to him he was happy in Manila for he can eat three times a day. For people in the state of poverty or experiencing hunger this lines are not new to them. I saw a lot of people starving but one thing about Manny is that he never gave up. During his fights her mother go to a nearby appliance store just to watch him because they don't even have a TV in the house. Pacquiao's Journey in his boxing career continues. Until he fought well known personalities in boxing in international venues and knocked champions that brought him to stardom, fame and fortune.

Today this little poor boy from the province enjoys the luxury and comforts in life. He has a very beautiful wife blessed with four children. For Manny education is still very important infact he enrolled in a distance learning education. He has a good heart for the poor and Manny donates to charities. Because of his popularity and success in his choosen field he is among the finalist of the "Most Influential people of 2009" Time magazine. Among the finalist are swimmer Michael Phelps, golfer Tiger Woods, NBA superstar Kobe Bryan, Cyclist Lance Armstrong and a lot more.

With his popularity,fame,and fortune I hope Manny remains humble as he continue his life's meaningful journey with his own family now... That's all for today, enjoy your day with your loved ones and friends.
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