Ann Kris
June 3, 2009

Infidelity nowadays is very common among marriages, its a sensitive issue and quite difficult to handle especially for women. I've heard and read stories about infidelity which causes shattered lives and broken marriages...I don't know why infidelity happens-there must be various reasons why it happens to anybody. When this thing happens some people tend to focus on the pain and sometimes neglect their children. Every now and then children are the ones more affected. In today's hectic and advance world it is important to keep marriages fresh and alive. I have read in a magazine about marriage and it says there one ingredient to maintain a happy marriage is to keep dating etiquette...go somewhere, date, as if you are new lovers -make your spouse as your best friend, your confidant and the one person that you can trust. Another is Communication which is very important- tell him your wants, your needs, your feelings, and even your thoughts. If everything else fails seek professional advice. It is better to talk to a proper person or a person you can trust who is open minded because surely they will not add to the fire.

In some cases infidelity can be avoided...according to a marriage counselor --always remember to maintain boundaries to avoid sharing intimate details with friends and co-workers which then leads to emotional intimacy-which brings people closer to one another.

Different reasons, different situations whatever!.. always remember, infidelity violates basic trust among spouses and the wounds normally takes time to heal-- good for you if you regain the trust and sorry for you if not, because in some cases it never re-built. So sad if this things happen and it is indeed a difficult situation that can affect marriages.
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